Sunday, March 9, 2008

In Christ!

News Flash! Colossians 2:9-10 comes immediately after Colossians 2:8! I never was very good at Math, but I figured that one out right away! Seriously, these verses just overflow with meaning today, as always, but seemingly it is more clearly seen at least to me to day than ever!
May I just post these tremendous verses for us here: "Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power." (NKJV)
WOW! Verse 8 is so indicative of the world today! There are so many false teachings & teachers who are actively seeking to take us captive that we just can't imagine! It reminds me of a Far Side cartoon I once saw where a camper lay sleeping in his sleeping bag with hundreds of rattlesnakes gathered all around him. One rattlesnake said to the rest, "OK, when I give the signal, let's all rattle!" The false teachers are like those rattlesnakes in more ways than one! The Holy Spirit through Paul wants to warn us of this far greater danger than even a pile of poisonous rattlers gathered all around us! But the Answer is infintely greater than the problem! Verses 9-10 gives us our hope!! Christ is God in bodily form, & we as believers are complete in HIM!! Check out how Dr. Ron Merryman translates this verse: "...and you keep on being having been completed in Him with abiding results." That makes me just want to shout! Who needs all this purpose drivel when we have the once-for-all truth?!! I hope being reminded of this truth makes your day just as much as it did mine today! May the Lord bless you as you serve Him this day!


Rose~ said...

Thank you, David!
Yes, being complete in Christ is where peace and life is - not in vain babblings and empty philisophy of men. It's all around us today.

ExPreacherMan said...

Bro. David,

AMEN -- My Sweet wife and I are dealing with some folks being dragged into the Contemplatively Purposeless Drivel Life.

They are horrifyingly ubiquitous.

They pose as angels of light.. but are agents of darkness.

Preach the Word!!

In Christ eternally,


David Wyatt said...

Thank you Rose. You are so right. The false teachings are all the same old stuff rehashed & repackaged with the same poisoning effects on the soul. Only the Word of God is nourishing spiritual food. Only in Christ do we find genuine grace that feeds the soul! I love Psalm 107:9 in this regard!

Bro. Jack!! Amen brother. It is so amazing that when we get away from the Word of God that we are then vulnerable to all the isms & schisms that Satan has to offer. So glad you are feeling better.

All, please pray for a dear lady who just became a widow this weekend. Her dear husband, a longtime worker with BBN died suddenly Saturday from a massive heart attack. He had beaten cancer, but the heart attack got him. Bro. Jack I know you can certainly relate to that. We pray for you as well. God Bless.

Only Look said...

Thanks brother for such a wonderful post and the reminder that only the word of God can fulfill that empty void and need we all have and look to quench outside of Christ so often to our own harm. He is so gracious as our Shepherd and weeps to gather us under his wings and craves to keep us close to our bosom and in deep communion with Himself.

What a regrettable loss for the BBN widow. May God meet her in her deep sorrow, yet comfort her and strengthen and nourish her knowing that she will be with him one day and rest in the bosom of the Father.

Grace upon grace,


Only Look said...

Another great thought about the word of God that I actually was tremendously encouraged by when taking one of the BBN BI courses by Dr Manford G Gutze. His comment on inspiration and what the pure milk of the word does to us just struck me.

"Do you know where the doctrine of inspiration comes from? It comes from people who have took the medicine and are cured and then they raise the question 'How can something written like that, by over 40 differant men over a thousand differant years, be so good? The the thing comes in 'Because God moved them to write it!' The doctrine of inspiration belongs only to believers who really and truly believe this is the word of God. Then they got a problem, 'How can anything human as this be that good?' Because holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, which is the whole theory of inspiration..." Dr Manford Gutze

His whole point, which is so abundantly true is that those of us who are diseased and have come to the book and know we are healed by what is in it will never doubt what it says, but the skeptic who see no need of being healed will have little reason to believe in its authority. Of course we know it is the God of the infallable word that heals us, but these written words are the words that came from His beloved lips and made us whole. What a blessing the BBN ministry is to me and what a blessing you are as well brother David every day at 1:15. Sometimes rebuke and sometimes encouragement, but all a blessed time of communion with Jesus.

May we happily nourish our souls every morning and as George Mueller said, "Make our soul glad and happy" in the mornings by the word of God so that we can live a life of prayer through the day.

Hallelujah tis done. Amen

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Brian,

You have made some excellent ppoints. We know that the Word is God's infallible Word because HE is infallible! Yet He used the men He chose to write it by superintending the whole process to make sure the exact words even, that He wanted in it are in fact there! What a Book!!
Thank you for your kind words concerning the ministry of BBN. Certainly if God can use a clay pot like me, He can use anybody! Thank you also for the kindness shown to Randy's widow. God Bless!