Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm Not MAD but I like MAD People!

What in the world has happened? Has a 2X4 slammed me on the haid? Nope, I'm referring to MAD people, or people who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior & are Mid-Acts Dispensationalists. They believe that the church did NOT begin at Acts 2, but sometime later, though as far as I know there is no absolute consensus in the group at the particular time that the church DID begin. But a main belief of MAD as I am aware is that water baptism is not for this dispensation. Personally I have yet to see enough Biblical substantiation to MAD to embrace it myself, but appreciate the folks I have met from that "camp." As far as I can tell they are grace-oriented believers & are very gracious.
I post this so that if there are any adherents to MAD, or other believers who have knowledge to share about them or just want to say howdy, please join in! God Bless you all in Jesus' Name!