Friday, March 21, 2008

You're Asking For It!!

Here is a direct quote from Luis C. Rodriguez in the Foreword to Bro. Zane Hodges' book, Absolutely Free: "The gift of eternal life was received just by asking for it!" As far as I can remember, I never read anywhere in that entire book where bro. Hodges ever mentioned that one should be"asking for" eternal life in order to receive it. May I say right here & now that I do not have a problem with the phrase, or the concept for that matter. But I have heard from free grace people before that asking for eternal life can be dangerous since a person may not actually believe Jesus will give it to him, though he asks for it. I trust that I am not being nitpicky, I just wanted some feedback from you all about this. It seemed especially ironic that this phrase came in the foreword to this particular book! OK, I'll be looking forward to what you folks have to say regarding this! May the Lord bless you.


Antonio said...

David, if I recollect correctly, you asked this same question on teh GES chat, no?

In the gospel of John there are several words that are used synonymously with believe:


I don't have a problem with that terminology so long as the person using it means believing in Jesus for eternal life that can never be lost and is certainly assured of at that very moment.


David Wyatt said...

Good memory bro. Antonio! Yes I did, & I was hoping for some more dialogue on it here. Thanks my brother for being the 1st (& hopefully not the only!) one to respond. Yes, that is my belief as well, it just struck me as a little odd that this terminology was used in the foreword to this book. I am very sure bro. Luis meant it that way.
And, by the way, may I say, & may we shout it together: He is risen! He is risen INDEED!! Hallelujah! 'Tis Done. (Jn.19:30). God Bless.

Only Look said...

Amen brother David...He is risen indeed and whoseover thirsts, let him come and take of the water of life freely. Praise God. HALLELUJAH!!!

ExPreacherMan said...

Bro David,

In answer to Antonio.. I question whether:
"ask for eternal life" or "follow for eternal life" relate to appropriating eternal life. Follow has to do with service after salvation. "Ask and it shall be given you" relates not to eternal life but other things.

What am I overlooking? or underlooking?

I never mind being corrected.


In Christ my risen Savior eternally,


David Wyatt said...

Hmm, bro. Jack I didn't notice bro. Antonio's including "follow" in that list. You are exactly right in your comments.
However, knowing bro. Antonio, I am certain he did not mean that "following Christ" is necessary to receive eternal salvation!
Good to see you "out & about" again! Trust you are feeling some better at least.
Bro. Brian: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro!

Haven't been on in awhile, but I'm back and posting regularly now.

I wanted to point out that each of the words that antonio listed are all things that are done in response (besides maybe ask). Jesus offers drink, and we drink. Jesus offers Himself as Savior, and we receive. I think you catch my drift. That's why I think we need to focus helping a person realize that salvation is something that is received like a gift being outwardly offered instead of something we have to seek God for.

Hope you're well.

Tom <><

David Wyatt said...

I like that bro. Tom. Yes, you are right. In fact, He is seeking us, rather than our seeking Him. (Jn.12:32). I'm well by His grace & I trust you are too! Thanks & God Bless.

J. Wendell said...

I have asked Lou Martuneac as politely as I can (several times) to stop emailing my wife with his derogatory, intimidating, high-minded, and threatening, letters. This drove me to my wits end. He has backed off for a while until just recently. It has come to my attention that he has started the harassment again.

Is he going about the blogosphere looking for every American girl to pick on? Does he email your wife when you have told him to stop? Do you know anything about this annoying anonymous blogger other than his oft repeated boast, “I have written a book?”


David Wyatt said...

I know this is a "cold" discussion now, but I just re-read bro. Tom's remark, & I really like it! He said, "That's why I think we need to focus helping a person realize that salvation is something that is received like a gift being outwardly offered instead of something we have to seek God for..." Thank you bro. Tom! Any thoughts? God Bless!