Friday, August 26, 2011

Look to Him!

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I just wanted to drop a quick note about something that is fresh on my mind now. A lot of times, it seems that our flesh, & certainly the enemy of our souls, Satan himself, & even the world-system opposed to God, will influence our thinking, & can discourage us due to it. I know that is my experience now & then. But God is so good, that He has given us great truth in His Word to combat such subtle attacks. Some Scriptures that have been such a blessing & help to me in the battle are Acts 13:38-39 & John 3:14-16. If there is something, anything that seems to be holding you back from a fervent faith in the Lord Jesus, remember what Paul said in the Acts passage we shared, that all that believe in Christ are justified from ALL THINGS, no matter what they are! Jesus Christ died to make you & me right with God no matter what those things might be! Also, as Jesus Himself pointed out to Nicodemus in John 3, just like the rebellious Israelites in the desert looked to that snake on the pole, when we look to Christ who bore our sin, died & then rose victorious, He saves us, period! And as believers, sometimes we need to look to Him again to revitalize that faith! We do that of course through His Word! God is so good! He constantly looks out for us & when we struggle, He is so faithful to point out treasures in His Word that help us just when & where we need it most! I just had to share that with you today!