Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm not exactly sure how I want to say what I have in my heart to say, but I'm gonna try nonetheless! One of the glories of knowing Christ is knowing that when I trusted Him, He made a commitment to never cast me out! I know the Bible says, Paul more specifically, that he knew Whom he had believed & that He is able to keep that which he had committed unto Him against that Day. But what did he commit to Him but his eternity? All we can do is just commit it to Him & as Paul said, He is able, & willing I might add, to keep us forever!

But back to the original point. Christ's commitment to keep us forever when we come to Him for salvation brings so much security to my often timid heart! My wonderful bride & myself said from the beginning of our marriage that we were going to make it work & that divorce was not an option. She has put up with far more than I have, but after 23 plus years, we're still together & I truly love her even more today than at the first, & I loved her a truckload then! Truly knowing that commitment is there doesn't make it sterile or wooden, it brings stability! And we're just frail humans! Jesus is LORD! He is so wonderful, I wish I could put into words just how wonderful it is knowing Him. If you don't, all I can do is tell you that He loves you & wants you to come to Him just as you are, as He said in Mt.11:28. He will never cast you out either, as He promised in John 6:37! If you do know Him, you know what I mean when I say how wonderful He is!
Well, I'm gonna close this rambling session with a verse that is becoming more & more dear to me the longer I live & know the Lord. Isaiah 51:6. Here is God's Word to us: "Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but My salvation shall be for ever, and My righteousness shall not be abolished."God Bless you for reading!



Amen Brother Dave!!! Christ is faithfully committed to us, but any of us that believes salvation depends upon our commitment of faithfulness to Him ought to be committed for such religious insanity. We are saved by His faithfulness and never our own. God made a covenant with Jesus Christ and we are the beneficiaries of that covenant!!! We are saved by His faithfulness and never our own!

Lord bless you brother!


David Wyatt said...

Praise the Lord! If my salvation depended one whit on my commitment to Him, I'd be sunk by morning. God Bless you my brother. He is amazing!

Bubbles said...

Praise God! Thank you sweet Jesus for what you did that day that you died upon that cross. You didn't have to, you could have come down, but you did it for all of us who accept you into our lives. Thank you for your obedience to our Father. Help us all to be obedient also. Oh, yes you never said that our lives would be free of pain and sorrow. The pain and sorrow that we suffer today is none compared to the pain and sorrow that you suffered that day on Calvary.Thank you again for your love, grace and mercy. Father, I lift all those up to you who read this post and do not know you. Touch their hearts, mold them, conform them make them whole through you. Give them an understanding of what having faith in you really is. Thank you for this blog and allow it to minister to those in need of you, a savior. In your son's precious name, Jesus. Amen

David Wyatt said...

Beautiful prayer, Bubbles! God Bless you!

Brooke said...

What a coincidence! The sermon this morning was about stewardship between a husband and wife.

Z said...

Well, David, I had that quote about lifting up our faces to God in my Sunday Faith Blog today and you have looking up to heaven in your excellent post here!

I agree about commitment and how much sweeter it makes marriage, even when things aren't smooth.
I sure wish I had my Mr. Z back.....but I know he's joyfully with the LOrd now.
SOmetimes, remembering that helps.....usually it does.
Cherish every day.....hug your bride for me!

David Wyatt said...

Sounds like a great sermon Brooke!

David Wyatt said...

Thank you Z, it is always so good to hear from you! God Bless!

expreacherman said...

Great inspired post Bro. David,

When I read such wonderful words -- it always brings me back to "The Reason" we can enjoy such blessings.
The Reason? Because Jesus, God in the Flesh, came to the earth and personally died for my sins, was buried and rose from His grave.. proving himself to be God and capable of taking my sins upon Himself. He ascended into Heaven.. There He awaits me when I depart this earth -- or He will meet me in the air at the Rapture.
All this is not dependent one whit upon my good works or behavior -- but solely upon my decision to understand His Grace and trust Jesus as MY Savior.
We enjoy our family fellowship, our fellowship of believers and all His blessings ONLY because of His Grace and sacrifice for each of us.
This is the WHY and the Reason for our blessings. We should all remember this always. God's Amazing Grace!!

In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

David Wyatt said...

Amen bro. Jack! One of the joys of meditating on God's Word is to do so while seeing it from the perspective of Christ from Genesis to Revelation! I love the way Dr. J. Vernon McGee used to say that Jesus is the Centerpiece of Scripture! So true! Thanks for gracing this humble blog bro. Jack!