Friday, April 10, 2009

Grace For Me, Law For You

The Gospel is Good News!! The Great News of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ, the very Son of God Himself, has died for my sin & yours as well, & this being true, He offers us eternal salvation on the sole basis of our belief in Him for that salvation! But, you may also be aware, that there are many who, though they themselves may very well have understood that & received this most wonderful of all gifts freely, yet for whatever reason, the most likely being that it is sinful human nature, they will not offer you this same opportunity! Instead, they add other oppressive requirements, such as turning from all sin, or at least a promise to do so, or maybe a full surrender of every area of your life BEFORE you can be saved by receiving this gift! And dear reader, may I come clean with you? I have been guilty of this same terrible offense myself. I have freely received this most wonderful of all gifts, but there was a time when I also made some of these same requirements for others to receive it. I no longer do, thank God, but I have in the past.
This Good Friday that traditionally has been celebrated by the church as the day Jesus died on the cross for us, let's once again focus on this greatest of all gift-Givers, & His greatest of all gifts that has ever been given to mankind & if you have not received it as of yet but would like to, know that God is at your side waiting to give it freely to you if you will but take it by faith! Don't get me wrong, there will be requirements in order to follow this greatest Person in all time & eternity as your Lord, but you can only begin to do this after you have received His gift of life & His Spirit who comes to indwell you at the moment of faith in Christ! Read John 3:16-18 as well as Revelation 22:17, God's final invitation to you in the Bible, & believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the Lord bless you today & every day!


goe said...

Brother David,

You have just filled me with joy unspeakable and full of glory brother. You hit the bulls-eye, as Bro Alvin would say. May the Lord fill you with His love this Easter weekend!

Your brother in Christ,


David Wyatt said...

Thank you bro. Gary, I am thankful the Lord used me in some small way to bless you through His Word. God Bless you this most wonderful weekend as well!

Dave said...

Excellent David!

I just did a blog on Simon the Sorcerer. I had to make it clear that Simon did not need to repent of all his sins but only the perverted thought he had concerning the free gift of God.

It seems that whenever people are given a list of conditions that they must adhere to before being saved then they will always live in perpetual doubt wondering if they done it enough. They might say: "Have I believed enough or the right way?" "Have I repented enough?" "Did I miss any sins?" and so on.

Great post! Point men only to Christ. Lift up Christ and nothing we can possibly do. My goal in witnessing is to witness about Christ in such a way where my listener is believing already before I even get to the part where I tell them that they can be saved by grace through faith.

Keep the faith!


David Wyatt said...

Bro. Dave,

Your post along with your blog has been such a blessing to me. Thank you. I needed that right about now! May the Lord bless you.

Bhedr said...

Unfortunately it is something we have all been guilty of brother. Binding men down with burdens we ourselves are not willing to bear because we feel the other believer or unbeliever won't get in line like we feel they should or maybe we feel we need to compensate because of this evil generation that is always perverting Gods that man in the other post and hollywood.

The Lord has forgiven me as well. May we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in His time. It is His offer that only pride and self-righteousness seems to get in the way of.

Grace upon grace,


David Wyatt said...

Bro. Brian,

Another good post. I don't think you are capable of anything but that! The old flesh is the culprit, & I am guilty every time I reject the sweet influences of Christ within & go instead with the impudent ravings of my flesh. Thank God, as you said, for His grace in Christ! God Bless you brother.

Lou Martuneac said...


You wrote the below to Gary (goe) at his blog referencing the discussion over at Lybrand's blog.

And you are OK with Gary referring to me as "HITLER"; aren't you? I couldn't careless what he does. IMO, he is almost certainly under demonic influence to post that and his, well, crazed hate-filed rants today at his ("Easy-Goer"??? blog). Pray for him, but where is the outrage and rebuke?

The you have no complaint with Antonio for his publishing rumors that another brother-in-Christ is a "child molester."

Double-Standrad; isn't it Dave?


Bro. Gary,

...I agree that the name-calling & pursuing by a certain party is most definitely stifling to real discussion. I am sorry to see what has come about over at that blog. I just wanted you to know I am praying for this situation, & I appreciate you & your conviction. God Bless you, my brother.

David Wyatt said...


Thanks for coming by. Yes I pray for bro. Gary, bro. Antonio, myself most of all (seriously) & you too, as all my brothers & sisters I have met here. You are free to think what you will. I don't think, however, that you are aware of everything that has been said between all parties in these matters. We are all flawed as you know & growing in grace & knowledge of Christ. Just because I have not publicly denounced someone yet does not mean that I agree with everything they say or do. You & I are different, Lou. You seem to jump on something that you think is a certain way before fully understanding all involved. Love covers a multitude of sins, & I certainly have my multitude that I don't want thrown out in the open before everything is understood & dealt with, don't you? So, this is all I am going to say openly about this at this time. As I have said to you before, I appreciate some of the stands you take, & others I do not, but I am not going to blast into your blog to demand that you cease doing something just because I do not agree with it. So, I will appreciate your prayers for me & all of us that we will continue to grow in grace & the knowledge of Christ.
I know both you & I, & all of us for that matter are going to cross lines we should not, & the Bible teaches us to forgive. (Col.3:13, Eph.4:30-32) So, I forgive you Lou & I ask that you forgive me. This is closed.