Saturday, December 1, 2012

He is There!

The very last verse in the amazing prophecy of Ezekiel is fitting for such a tremendous Book! We see a beautiful name for God as well, which is simply, "The God Who is There!" Ezekiel saw quite a lot about the suffering of his people Israel, and how God would ultimately bring them through it all, just as He will for us as believers today as well.
Leaving Ezekiel and thinking concerning another Old Testament prophet, Habakkuk this time, we see a man who loved God, and was much like what I would term an Old Testament version of the apostle Thomas. Thomas is sometimes wrongfully in my humble opinion, dubbed "doubting Thomas" but his doubts were at least honest ones! If he didn't believe something, or didn't understand it, he didn't pretend he did and that all was well, he openly shared his heart! Habakkuk shared his heart, we might say he poured out his confused and hurting heart to his God while he saw what seemed to him unabated and increasing sin and wickedness on the part of his own people of Judah, and it seemed to him that God didn't seem to even notice what was going on. So, Habakkuk didn't pretend all was well, he went to God and laid out his heart to Him, and guess what? God answered him! What God said was not what Habakkuk wanted to hear, but he heard from God nonetheless! There are only 3 chapters to the prophecy of Habakkuk, but I believe you'd love to read it! God not only noticed what was going on among His people, He was working behind the scenes to deal with it, and His plan was so amazing that Habakkuk went from "God, You're not doing anything" to "God, You're going too far!"
Anyway, you can read this great story that's going on in Habakkuk, it has many modern parallels with life today. So much that seems to be out of control, yet as always, God behind the scenes often, is in complete control and we can rest in Him. And we can also pour out our hearts to Him because He cares and He loves to hear from us as His children. If you have not come to know Him yet, He loves you and would love to have you as His child. He sent His Son to die in your place, how much more love could He show than that? This is the kind of God He is. Just had to share that with you! God Bless you all.


Holly G. said...

Not sure how to subscribe, but I like the name of your blog. Appreciate it.

David Wyatt said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for your kind comment. Always glad to have you drop by. God Bless you.