Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who's your Quartus?

If you remember, & probably you don't, it's OK really, I posted quite awhile back on a brother in the Lord that Paul briefly mentioned in the 16th chapter of Romans as he was thanking God for those brothers & sisters in the Lord God had used in his life. He said a few things about each one, & when it came to Quartus, all he said was "Quartus, a brother." I said at the time I posted earlier, & I still believe, that Paul simply referred to this dear brother as an encourager to him. I'm reading between the lines, but it seems that Quartus may have been the type of believer & brother in Christ who was just there for you in all types of situations, both good & horrible. Do you have those in your life like this? If you do, thank God for them now. I have been blessed by quite a few, but those that really stand out are my beautiful & Godly bride, & my Dad who led me to Christ many years ago. A couple older & very Godly pastors also come to mind here. I'd love to hear anything on your mind regarding this as well. May the Lord bless you.


Dave said...

Hello Brother David,

I think this blog describes you my friend. You have a good heart, and you always been a source of encouragement to me. You never seem to have a bad word to say.

I thank the Lord for men like you!

Lord bless,


David Wyatt said...

Oh bro. Dave, you're very kind! I know myself all to well, but I genuinely do want to live to please the One who gave His all for me, but I fail a lot. You have & continue to be a great blessing to me!I look so forward to your blog posts & emails! Thank you s much for your kindness & friendship in Christ!