Friday, December 5, 2008

Orchestrated Or Allowed?

Brothers & Sisters in Christ, I must share an insight that a sister in Christ shared in a post on another great blog, in which she was simply making a passing statement, but God used it to throw light on a subject that I've begun to be more clear on recently, but this just opened the flood-lights on it for me! She was mentioning about how our Lord either orchestrates or allows everything to His glory! The thought then came to me, & most of you are probably going "DUH! We've known this for years!" Yes, I have too, but this just made it so clear I wanted to shout! OK, continuing!! The thought came that those things that are according to the holy character of our Lord, He orchestrates, examples being creation, & salvation through Christ. Both of these momentous events are according to & commensurate with His holy character & all of His perfectly harmonized attributes, so He orchestrated them! An example of something that He allowed is sin to come into the world & mar His wonderful creation, because it is definitely AGAINST His holy character & attributes, so He would never orchestrate such a thing, though He knew it would occur. He only allowed it, since ultimately He can use even this awful thing to His glory & our good, the ultimate example of this being the CROSS!!! Amen & Amen, thank You Lord Jesus! What are some of your thoughts? May the Lord bless you all!


Bhedr said...

Very true brother...still he is actively involved. He will release Satan one day after He has bound him up. This is a truth we have to accept. He is sovereign. He talks of placing a snare in the mouth of evil nations to judge others.

In the end we cannot really know the mind of the Lord and we must stop trying to figure Him out. It would seem to me that some of these blogs I don't think he would actively orchestrate but He does have a purpose and so He is doing something that we cannot and must stop trying to understand. This is His domain...not ours.

God bless and grace upon grace,


David Wyatt said...

Amen! He certainly has a purpose, & it is all good & holy. He will be glorified, & we have the choice to receive or reject Him in our lives. Thank you for your frienship in Christ, brother. You always seek to give glory to God & I appreciate & love that about you. God Bless!

Herm said...

David, There's an old book written by Stephen Charnock, called "The Existence and Attributes of God". Written somewhere around 1650's or later. Charnock was born in 1628 in London. Maybe you've already read or know about it. The author goes into great detail outlining Gods attributes and character and nature. Its still in the king James prose I believe. Its long and hard reading, but well worth it. God Bless, Herm

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Herm! I am so glad to see you at this humble blog! I have really been blessed by your comments on Ms.Green's & Rivka's blogs! Thank you for that recommendation. I have heard of it, but not read it as yet. If possible, I will try to check it out. May the Lord bless you!

Kc said...

I just love those "aha!" moments when God reveals Himself more fully. ;-)

David Wyatt said...

Bro. KC! I agree! How awesome, & how gracious of our magnificent Savior! So good to have you visit! God Bless you!

ExPreacherMan said...

Bro David,

He allowed sin to enter the world. We all are guilty and fall short of His Glory.

Yet, He orchestrated His plan to redeem mankind through faith in Christ to escape eternal punishment.

And still, in spite of orchestrating the solution (trusting Christ as one's Savior), He allows each person to appropriate that salvation by faith in Christ alone..

Great thinking point.

In Christ eternally,


Rose~ said...

I would say the way you have stated it seems right to me. I agree with Bhedr, though, we can't figure God out, can we??!
...but the way you say it is how I understand it as well.

God bless.

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Jack,

Brother, God has certainly gifted you with the ability to say a whole lot in few words with clarity! Thanks for saying it on my blog!!

Rose!!Thanks for the encouragement. I do see it that way, & bro Brian is right too, no need to try & figure our wondrous God out! Thank y'all so much for gracing this humble blog!

Jungle Mom said...

OT< but thanks for your prayers for Dana Judd.

David Wyatt said...

Hello Jungle Mom! Thanks so much for dropping by this humble blog! It is our pleasure to pray & thank God that she seems to be safe. May the Lord bless you!

Z said...

It's a toughie, isn't it...the "allowing to" and "orchestrating of" God?
But, if EVERYTHING is to HIS glory, then He must be USING the bad things that happen because of our fallen natures...

I was very stressed over a Christmas musical program I was in total charge of and sang in (wrote, directed, selected and rehearsed the cast, choreographed, etc.!) and a Christian friend said "relax..this program is to HIS's SETTLED in HIS mind...if something untoward happens, He'll use that, too"

VERY comforting. I love that " far as He is concerned, it's SETTLED.." Doesn't that feel good to you, too? My stress level the day of the big event (thursday morning and it was VERY well rec'd!! praise GOD!) was almost ZERO. "It's settled, did all you can's HIS now!" Lovely.

All these things we ponder, we can consider SETTLED......"Why does He allow awful things?" Because it's settled in His mind...something will work to His glory..."

"if he is small enough to understand, He's not big enough to worship!"
A silly little ditty, but true!?

I loved this always helps to ponder these things..thanks! Blessings to you and your

David Wyatt said...

Thank you, Z. Very practical as well as Biblical advice! You are right! I believe it was RA Torry from many ears ago that said Romans 8:28 is a soft pillow for a tired heart! Of course it only "works" for the believer! It certainly was a blessing to find this post by you! Thankful your musical was a blessing! God Bless!

Rivka said...

I agree with you on this. God does both orchestrate and allow. The moment we think we have his sovereignty figured out is when we are in trouble. ;0)

All throughout scripture God allowed David to sin, yet God used it for His glory and indeed it did glorify Him.

I also think of Job and how Job didn't do anything, yet God gave satan permission to test Job. He allowed it, yet he had control over how much satan could test Job.

Amazing isn't it? The sovereignty of God. In Psalms it says: "The Lord has established his throne in the heavens and his sovereignty rules over all". Dawson Trotman's wife quoted that verse when he died. I do hope that when trials hit I too will quote that verse and put my trust in his soveriegnty as well.

Merry Christmas!!

David Wyatt said...


Your comment shows great insight into the Scriptures. I agree. God is holy, gracious, sovereign, among so much more, & yet all of His perfect attributes harmonize perfectly! What a wonderful God we serve! May the Lord bless you today.