Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Brother..........

"Gaius, who is host to me and to the whole church here, greets you. So do Erastus, the city treasurer, and our brother Quartus." (Rom.16:23, Amplified Bible).

Paul was naming some special people God had used in his life in this tremendous final chapter of Romans, & he had said something specific about just about all of them, & then comes this man, Quartus. As far as I know, he is only mentioned this one time in all the Bible. The KJV simply says of him, "...& Quartus a brother." Some other translations of the Scriptures have Paul saying of him, "...Quartus the brother..." & the like. I am probably making far more out of this than is actually in the text, but something really neat just seems to be in Paul's mind as he mentions this brother in the Lord. Under divine inspiration, he doubtless had a good reason to include Quartus in this special list, & also to describe him in such simply sublime terms. I envision a humble believer who was just there for you if you had a need, & was so in tune with his Savior that he just radiated the joy of the Lord. I may be way off-base, but I don't think so. Paul had made the amazing yet true statement that without a single automobile or Internet or airplane, the Gospel had spread all over the then-known world! (see Col.1:23b) No doubt it was through the Spirit of Christ working through quiet, unassuming brothers & sisters who gladly presented their entire beings to the One who died for them & rose again. Oh, brothers & sisters, I'd like to be a brother like ol' Quartus, wouldn't you?


Rose~ said...

Yes, David. That is a high aspiration.

Quartus... I wish I would have thought of that name...

Quartus Cole? :~)

David, I would imagine you to be such a brother that is just there for his Christian family like what you are speaking of here.

God bless.

David Wyatt said...

Oh Rose, thank you..... if that were only more true. I really want to be, but, what I do, I don't understand, & what I desire, that I DON'T do! Thank you for commenting. God Bless.

Only Look said...

I love your thoughts David.

Grace upon grace,


David Wyatt said...

Thank you bro. Quartus, uh, I mean Brian!

Only Look said...

Your a blessing David:-)

David Wyatt said...

And so are you, bro. Brian. Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven if not before!

Z said...

David, you are Quartus..and you're very appreciated.
Blessings and more blessings!This blog is a bless-ed respite...thank you.

Only Look said...

I was thinking in terms of David being much like Paul as God has put him in great places with a great testimony to reach many of us and especially on that devotional hour on BBN, but yes you have the mind of Quartus brother and perhaps the fathering type heart that Paul had for his fellow believers. You are also a Quartus in that you have a blog that is more so an encouragement than a tool for division.

Who ever said you can't have your cake and eat it too:-)

Grace upon grace,


David Wyatt said...

Z & Brian,

Y'all are gonna make my ol' haid bust! You are so kind, both of you, & I appreciate the kind words.
I am so very thankful that you see this humble blog as a help. That was my intention. I praise teh Lord, He certainly is the One who has given anything good here. You, my visitors, help to make it what it is & I thank you!

Z said...

Feel no pressure, dear friend, but..I NEED A NEW DAVID HALLELUJAH TIS DONE POST! PLEASE!??

Come on, David.....give us more to think about, more positive, beautiful, interesting, faith-building and inspiring posts!


Frasypoo said...

Hello David
Thank you for stopping by
this is the first I have heard of Quartus.
Too often we get absorbed in all that we have/do and forget about those around us

Yes,I have heard of Ravi Zacharias,he is pretty good.

David Wyatt said...

Z, you are too kind. I have been thinking about a new post & will have it up soon, Lord willing. I have been spending quite a lot of time at your blog as well! Great stuff!

Frasypoo! I am so glad you came by! Pull up a seat & set a spell! You are ritht about getting caught up in our own worlds. The Lord so often has so much for us & we are just running ourselves ragged in our own treadmills, missing His best. I am the worst (no pun intended!) in this area.
Ain't Dr. Zacharias awesome? I appreciate thie gift God has given him to articulate the truth of Scripture so clearly, & especially in hostile environments! He seems to thrive in them! God Bless.

Don said...

Mr. Wyatt,
I just noticed that you mentioned R.E. Neighbour on a blog and as an author of one of your favourite books on your blog. I was hoping you could shed some light on him for me. I know he wrote a commentary on the whole Bible called "Wells of Living Water" but I have not been able to find any information on him, such as: What denomination was he? Was he a Pastor? an Evangelist? a Missionary? Where was his ministry? Etcetra. If you have any information please let me know or blog it. Thanks, Don greaterlove@hotmail.com

Don said...
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David Wyatt said...

Hello Don! Thanks for coming by. Dr. Neighboour was Southern Baptist. I'm not sure, but I believe he was a pastor. His devotional commentary, "Wells of Living Water" is available, or at least once was, at Lifeline Printing. I don't know that much about him, actually, just that his works were excellent. Thanks for coming by! God Bless.