Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Good Wife Is A Good Thing!

In just a few short days the 2nd greatest gift of God to me is about to have a physical birthday! Of course you know that I am differentiating the physical from the spiritual birthday we experienced at the moment of faith in Christ for salvation!
But as I was thinking about my precious wife, I think about God's grace as well. When we met we were both already saved, but I was at a spiritual low point in my life, though I probably would not have admitted it at the time! I was a very carnal believer. Up one minute, down the next. Also, I was living so much like the world-system, I could barely have been noticed as a believer. Yet my wife accepted me. Now, let me also add that she has been a wonderful help in bringing me back to a closer walk with the Lord. I give the Lord Himself the number one credit for that, with my wife 2nd, & then good ol' Dr. J. Vernon McGee as 3rd! I had never heard him nor of him, until on the radio one day I came across this "funny" voiced preacher who offended me at 1st! Remember I was living a less than stellar Christian life at the time! But as I continued to listen to Dr. McGee & also my wife was influencing me, the Lord led me back to a closer walk with Himself. But, oh me! I came kicking & screaming a lot of the way & thereby caused myself & those around me some pain! But my wife has continued to be so gracious. When I absolutely blow it, she is always loving & merciful as well as gracious to me. I am thankful for her!! Thank the Lord for those who have either been influential in leading you to Christ or in the case of my wife, back to a closer walk with Him!


Jack said...

Great post about your Good Wife and her birthday. Tell her Happy anniversary of her Birthday, Have many more together with David!

Yes!! A wonderful helpful spiritual wife is a real asset for any Christian in any ministry.

Love her and tell her that frequently.. I know I never told my first wife how much I appreciated her as much as I should have... and when she went home to the Lord, I was devastated and missed her so.... So protect, love, hold and enjoy her every day like it might be the last...

But then, pray as do Shirley and I, that we will go to Heaven together in the Rapture!!!!

In Christ eternally,


David Wyatt said...

Bro. Jack,

Thank you for your kind words! I do try to tell my dear wife how thankful I am for her & that I love her dearly. God knows just who we need to be the help meet for us in the ministry. She is so much better & more spiritual than I. God Bless.

Rose~ said...

That is a wonderful testimony, David.
Thank God for his loving, leading hand manifesetd through His children, His body.

ExPreacherMan said...

Bro. David,

I am able top comment now -- thanks...

You may get some anonymous posts but you can always go in and delete those you find offensive.

In Christ eternally,


David Wyatt said...


Thank you! I am glad you came this way. It is so good to have you drop by!

Bro. Jack,

I appreciate your stand for grace as well. God Bless!!